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Digital PR

Raise your brand awareness and secure top coverage across the digital landscape, and watch your business thrive.

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The trusted Digital PR agency for brands who think bigger

Digital PR is an essential marketing service for increasing your brand’s online presence and organic search visibility. The primary focus of Digital PR is to build your website’s authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites to yours. The number of referring domains and the relative quality of these links is arguably still the most important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. SEO and Digital PR as disciplines support a common goal – greater online visibility for your website.

Great Digital PR positions you as a trusted expert in your industry, and gets your brand in front of your target audience when it matters. We know that sometimes you’ll want to focus more on brand awareness and thought leadership than building links, which is why we also utilise traditional PR methods to secure broadcast and print coverage in the media.

We‘re Digital PR experts, equipped with years of experience helping businesses of all sizes to increase their brand awareness and rank higher in search engine results for years. 

Through tailored strategies and bespoke campaigns, we’ll increase the visibility of your website, as well as your company and the people you work with. Our strong relationships with journalists allow us to gain key media coverage and acquire natural, high-quality links that help you to dominate both the digital space and beyond. 

Link building campaigns

Links are the bread and butter of Digital PR. Our campaigns will help you to gain regular, high-quality backlinks that increase your organic visibility.

Brand launch campaigns

Whether you’re launching a new business, campaign or product, we’ll help it to gain as much traction as possible and inject that all-important boost of brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Through expert-led content and a bespoke strategy, we’ll gain high-profile coverage that will lead to improved brand recognition with your target customers.


Acting as your dedicated newsroom, we’ll constantly monitor and react to news stories and current events, submitting expert comments from your spokespeople to gain regular topical coverage.

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Digital PR
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