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Social Media

Creative campaigns and expert management tools mean an award-winning social media presence is in your grasp.

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The social media agency for brands that want to cut through the noise

Social media is a range of websites and apps that allow individuals, communities, and businesses to share content with each other and engage in social networking. As a marketing channel, social media is a highly effective way to elevate your brand and drive new business. It’s one of the best ways to grow and engage with your audience – it’s where potential customers spend their time and often where they make their decisions, so you can’t afford to be absent.

Our Approach to Social Media

The world of social media moves quickly, so your social media activity needs to be agile, strategic and data-driven. With our approach, it all starts with a business objective – be it brand awareness, lead generation or online sales. Once we’ve determined this, our team of experts will create a bespoke social media strategy for your account. This means working with you to select the most effective platforms and activities to reach your audience and ultimately fulfil your objective.

Our other Social media services include:

Social Media Reporting 

Providing you with a clear, bespoke reporting dashboard, so you know exactly what return on investment you’re getting from your social media activity. Learn More

Social Media Communities  

The creation and management of an owned space on social media, often separate from the branded accounts. Dedicated to a relevant and engaged audience that can be influenced using a range of content formats. Learn More

Social Media Listening  

Monitoring social media activity across the internet, to not only tell you what people are saying about your brand online, but also to help you understand why the conversation is happening. Giving you the consumer confidence to make internal business decisions. Learn More

Social Media Consultancy 

Want a social media specialist on speed dial? We’ll build a relationship with your in-house social media team, providing best practice advice and expertise to help improve performance, strategy, and reporting. Learn More

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Social Media
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